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Sovereign Soul Empowerment

Sovereign Soul Empowerment is a totally new form of quantum healing and lineage transmission to resource and empower your life, health, wellbeing, and prosperity on all levels.Distance healing, bilocation, spirit travel, tracking of people and objects, non local diagnostics, and accessing the unlimited possibilities of the zero point field are all traditional shamanic arts. These skills have been kept mostly secret and yet very much alive in shamanic traditions and cultures.

This is what we have learned and practice.


Sovereign Soul Empowerment is synthesizing these ancient ceremonial arts with leading edge quantum healing modalities to assist the magnificent evolutionary potential of this time in a relevant applicable way. Nuna Kallpa is Quechua for "soul power". This is an PROFOUND understanding from the Andean wisdom traditions (which we are devoted students of). Nuna Kallpa is an inner luminosity and intelligence that is our eternal divine essence which emanates from the holy Love and boundless Radiance of our Divine Source. For truly all spiritual awakening is the integration of all of what we are as SOUL and SPIRIT into this body.As the master's have said "We must awaken fully in this body."Now is time, you are the one.Reality is so much more beautifully complex, and multidimensional than we have been taught in the dominant culture. Sovereign Soul Empowerment is here to support as many universal shamans, light workers, starseeds, and heart-centered practitioners as possible to THRIVE in powerful ways, and to birth the Qoripacha (golden age of quantum miracles). 

  • Practice, Heal & Awaken in Community 

  • Learn Shamanic Wisdom Teachings 

  • Prosper your Medicine gifts, sacred path of service, and life on all levels;

  • Learn how to embody the boundless Love of your true essential self in the challenging, gritty day to day of your life;

  • Clear inferring energies, programs, conditioning, and viral thought forms of the F.E.A.R. matrix (false evidence appearing real.)

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 Sovereign Soul Empowerment


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