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Everything is in a state of evolution.

For over 15 years we, Darcy & Robin, have been studying the ancient mystical and ceremonial practices of ancient Peru. One of greatest joys has been guiding group pilgrimages to the Andes of Peru. We bring groups from North America and beyond, to experience the beauty and richness of the Quechua people, ancient traditions and incredible sacred sites in a safe and cared for way.  Our retreats focus on the connection with local wisdom keepers, attuning to the power of the sacred temples, the ceremonial use of master healer plants, and initiation with the sacred Apu's or Mountain spirits. For more on our retreats in Peru and Canada please go to: Star River Sanctuary. For more about each of us please go to: About Us.  Below is our story of the birth and evolution of this project. Our lives are woven together by golden threads of synchronicity and we are so honoured that Spirit brought you and us together. 

Many Blessings

Robin & Darcy


The Prophecy-

It is such an honor to be able to be a students of these wisdom traditions of the north coast of Peru and Andes, and we recognize that in doing so, we are in our own small way, fulfilling a very ancient prophecy. At the time of the Spanish conquest of Peru, a small tribe within the Tawantinsuyu (known by us as the Inca civilization) escaped the severe oppression of those initial 168 conquistadors and all the death they brought. This tribe went so high up into the Andes of Peru that the Spanish could not follow. Nestled far into these mountains and living at elevations of 14,000 and beyond, this tribe and their descendants remained isolated and forgotten for over 400 years. These incredibly strong and resilient people, known as the Q’ero, kept the wisdom ways and spiritual knowledge of the Inca alive. 

During their isolation they lived in a connected relationship to reality and nature that is beyond what we in the dominant culture can yet comprehend. Their greatest teachers and guides are the mountains. The spirits of the mountains, called Apus, are considered to be the most enlightened beings within the whole of Pachamama. It was known by the most revered of the Q’ero shamans, the Pampamisayoq's, the Altomisayoq's, and the Kuraq Akulleq, that the Apus would guide them to when it was time to leave their small valley and bring this hidden wisdom to the world. Through their empowered inner vision these masters knew that when the glaciers of Apu Ausangate began to melt it would signify the ending of one world age and the beginning of a new world age, through a global transformation, known as Pachakuti. In the 1940’s these Q’ero people began to travel little by little into the larger Cusco region, and in the last 30 years elders and wisdom keepers from Q’eros have traveled all over the world, freely sharing the teachings they so closely guarded for 400 years. 

The Andean wisdom keepers and luminaries know that these teachings and cosmological understanding of interdependence and inter-being is needed by the larger body of humanity. So many of us who are living in the illusions of separation and the intense trauma of being disconnected to the Earth, our hearts, the divine feminine, our bodies, and each other. And so these beautiful Quechua wisdom keepers have opened these teachings to the wider world. They share with generosity, kindness, compassion, patience, humility, and an inclusive spirit that has touched our hearts to the very core.

In this first photo is don Sebastian a beautiful Pampamisayoq from Q’eros with a powerful grandmother named Dona Irene, who is an Altomisqo (one of the highest levels of initiation and power) who was initiated into the healing path by lightning on three separate occasions. At the center is a wonderful wisdom keeper, medicine carrier, and Andean mentor of ours, Freddy Puma Quispe of Chincheros. He began training with his grandfather at the age of 7 after also being struck by lightning. He is bridging many cultures while sharing the teachings in global ways. Puma is a warm, inviting, and very awesome human being.  These three share teaching and ceremonies with people traveling to Peru from all over the world. Puma speaks often of the prophecy of the 7 rays of the rainbow.  This is the understanding that the next golden age will be formed by representatives of the 7 rays, the 7 colors, of the one human family. The rainbow is a very sacred symbol in the Andes. 

It is said that long ago our global family was separated by a global catastrophe at the end of another world and these 7 rays scattered to the far ends of the earth.  In this scattering, we entered into the illusions of separation. As the 7 rays once again find each other, in this time of the Pachakuti, representatives of each ray will gather at the table of Pachayachachiq, a revered and mysterious being, known as the world teacher. Representatives from each ray will be there to learn from Pachayachachiq, as well as learn from one another and receive the unique medicine/consciousness/genus cultivated by each ray.  It is only when we are able to come together in conscious unity and in authentic celebration of our diversity, that we will fully be able to spark the QoriPacha, known to be the golden age of miracles. 

It is because of these prophecies that the Andean wisdom keepers freely share and teach people of all ethnicities, nations, and ages. We are grateful students of this profound spirit of generosity, and recognize that we stand on the shoulders of countless generations of deeply loving, caring, courageous, kind, humble and fierce grandmothers and grandfathers. We honor the immeasurable struggle that these generations lived through, in order for us to be able to share these Mystery ways. We recognize that the struggle is still so present for many of our global family, especially the indigenous people of Peru and all over the globe. We ask for mercy for all who are suffering in the maze of isolation, separation, generational trauma, material and spiritual poverty, addiction, illness, endless anxiety, violence, and oppression. As a global family we have come so far, and we have so far to go in order to restore the trust and sanctity of our individual and collective heart. We offer our work as a prayer for healing of all our hearts, all our relations, as we learn ways of true, kind, and generous reconciliation and remembrance.  With big love for our beloved mentors within the Pachakuti Mesa tradition, the shining ones, known as don Oscar & Cindy Miro-Quesada, who we will speak about more in the time to come. 


Apu Ausangate:

The Way of Sovereignty was given to us as a task within our united paths of sacred service as we made pilgrimage to the holy and mighty Apu Ausangate in February 2020. We were with a group of Pachakuti Mesa carriers and Paqos(shamanic practitioners) from Puma Adventures. This was the final mountain of our pilgrimage at the end of our retreat called 'Apu Mystica', where in 11 days we traveled to the four primary mountain Apus of our Pachakuti Mesa Tradition: Apu Hauna Kauri, Apu Pachatusan, Apu Salkantay, and to the indescribable beauty and majesty of Apu Ausangate.  


It is actually impossible to describe Apu Ausangate. All descriptors fall short and no photo can actually do it justice. This mountain is the “holy of the holies” within the Andean cosmovision. It is an awake, alive enlightened teacher of the highest order, and its service is planetary. A great and mighty column of cosmic evolutionary light codes flow down from the heavens bringing fresh and vital energy to nourish the great web of life that is Pachamama. To visit Apu Ausangate is a serious endeavour, this is not a place that one visits without focused intent, a clear heart and conscience, and after many offerings made to seek permission and sanction. 


The small village where our group boarded is at an elevation of 14,000ft. We then walked up to the base of the Apu Ausangate at an elevation of 15,500 ft. The peak of the mountain then reaches up 1 full mile! It is so massive there is no way to take it all in. At the base of the mountain is a series of pristine glacial lakes. At one of these lakes known which has been a place of purification for countless years, we received a limpia (spiritual/eregtic transmission) from Apu Ausangate and Paqo Edgar. 


As we walked in deep prayer we each received the clearest guidance as to how we can individually and in sacred union, actualize the most beautiful expression of our Soul mission, which is to assist in every way possible the Great Turning and the embodiment of the Golden Age of Miracles (known in the Quechua cosmovision as the Pachakuti, the Taripaypacha, and the QoriPacha.) As individuals and as a united partnership, we are here to help support as many awakening souls and star seeds as possible. We have each known since we were each very young that this world is only the way it is, because of the state of consciousness of the people. All the technologies needed to live in global regenerative abundance for all have been here for many generations, what is still lagging behind, is our collective consciousness. There already is the "know how" to create clean water, organic regenerative grown food, while supporting rich biodiversity.  Robin's masters degree is in Sustainable Communities. The biggest challenge we face as a human collective are living within the illusions of separation. It is within these illusions that we can allow any child to go hungry, invest in multinational corporations that thrive on war, and self-harm. The greatest leverage point we have is the healing, awakening and transformation of consciousness. This has always been the realm of the Shaman. Thus we became students of these ancient arts, for our own healing but also in helping manifest the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. 


The guidance that came to each of us was like the stem and flower of the Rose. Darcy received this vision which birthed the first iteration of Sovereign Soul Empowerments, which we called 'Nuna Kallpa Empowerment' (Nuna Kallpa is quechua for “transcendental soul power which emanates from the great central sun”).


Darcy’s vision:

Apu Pilgrimage with our small dedicated group of pilgrims.  This was February 2020, only a few weeks before Peru and much of the world went into lockdown for covid-19 measures.  Throughout the years of my training as an initiate within this ancient mystical lineage of the Paqokuna and Kamasqa curanderos I have received many downloads of information that nourished my soul and brought me closer onto my path of service.  This day, in particular was a very clear and potent download of clarity and precise information for the present. Little did we know that soon, Peru would be in full military lockdown. 


We are living in the time of prophecy where powerful evolutionary and involutionary forces are catalyzing profound changes on all levels of being. As holy, divine, sovereign souls we chose to come to Earth at this time to assist in the “Great Turning” known in the Andean cosmology as “Pachakuti.” Right now it’s game time on planet Earth. 

We are living within the total dissolution of the age of Separation, which has been defined by a dominator empire extraction model of "divide and separate" which has created a time of the cascading crisis' as all of the old patriarchal systems are simultaneously breaking down. The old way is dying and let’s be honest, it's a messy passing. No one knows how long and how messy it will be. At the same time, an ancient yet ever new way is growing strong, like a vast underground mycelium web. The seeds of this "new way" have been secretly tended to through the mystery schools, indigenous wisdom systems, and the pure invincible innocence of our very own hearts.

As awakening Earth Angels and star seeds, we often have become conditioned, to believe that we need to do this all on our own. That we need to focus on helping everyone else before helping ourselves. These are the old ways of martyrdom and spiritual codependency that must be surrendered and relinquished back into the light of Source Creatrix/Creator, so we can get real and get resourced to actually align to our incarnational Purpose which is to help co-birth heaven on earth through our embodied Divine nature.

We have come from all over the multiverse to embody here and actively participate in this global metamorphosis. We have a mission and purpose that is magnificent beyond our human understanding. Each one of us is here to liberate the collective planetary consciousness from the inside out. It's a big assignment, but it's also the greatest Game in creation. Each of us is helping to catalyze a groundswell of spiritual ecocentric awakening on a collective level never seen before. Humans and the Earth herself are undergoing a quantum metamorphosis which is transforming and up-leveling every aspect of life. 


We are the generation of Earth Angels who get to be the free-will agents consciously healing and bridging the greatest expression of polarity ever embodied on one planet. This is an intense and awesome planet for growing our souls! In order to live from our awakened holy, divine, sovereignty we need to become super clear and focused on becoming the most resourced and empowered in a ever increasing manner. We cannot accomplish our soul mission if we are not integrally resourced and living truthfully to our Heart's deepest calling. Your empowered wholeness is required!

This is no small mission, this is the Life time we have all been preparing for as souls, now is the time to fully step into your mission and life purpose to GROW LOVE here in every way. In order to live our purpose, we need to know that we are supported by the mightiest aspects of divine love (within and all around.) We need to know on all levels of our being that we have the invincible and unconditional love of our own hearts, the ascended masters, the star elders, christ beings, the sainted ones, all the buddhas and infinite emanation of the divine femine circling us in every breath. That we have the backing of the guardians of Ayni, because we are living in the right relationship with Creation. This includes: the alive elements of earth, water, air, fire, and spirit; the spirits of the land; the nature spirits and plant Devas; the ancient tree beings; the benevolent ancient ones and ancestors; the sacred Mountains, and the vast web of sentient life that is Pachamama.


We live in unprecedented times of transformation and crisis, where the call to awaken and evolve has never been stronger. This call is one of remembrance. You came here with a mission and sacred promise to Grow Love (all of us). Now that we are incarnated we have a huge amount of healing and clearing of the trauma and viral belief systems of our ancestors, family systems, and the collective consciousness of humanity, to be able to embody this Remembrance. 

Apu Ausangate continued on to tell me that there will be many souls waking up from the deep slumber of forgetting.  Many of these shining ones will wake up in environments that are still asleep and in no way supportive for the tender process of soul integration and expansion.  Many will feel out of place, censored, judged, alone, isolated and on the verge of sanity.  Global systems will need to be created to connect and support the star seeds and luminous ones who choose to emerge from the density of the third dimension.  This is not an easy process for these many souls.  These souls will be looking for others who understand them.  Put out your beacon, don't be afraid.  Create systems of energetic and spiritual support so these friends can know they are supported by us, the infinite unseen and all the forces of creation.  All they need to do is to attune to our presents and ask for help, and we will be there in heart beat.

And thus "The Way of Sovereignty" was born. 




Robin’s vision:

The gifts of this day are beyond my current ability to articulate, and I will strive to “fail well.” The magnificent presence and overwhelming awe of Ausangate can only be experienced directly. On this day the gifts were like the weather, rich and multilayered. Through rain, hail, sun, wind, thunder, lightning, and great storm clouds, our group made the pilgrimage. The main teaching from Apu Ausangate which echoed over and over, step after step, was a direct answer to the deepest question in my being. “How do we move from this current way of being fully into the energetics of the Taripaypacha, and from this place manifest, embodied, in the here and now, the Qoripacha?” 

This is my devotion. I have come here to birth heaven on earth, along with so many of my soul tribe.


What I was shown/told/channeled from Apu Ausangate is this:

In this age of separation, which we have been collectively in for at least the last 500, 1000, 2000, or 5000 years (depending on the culture), the dominant way that souls have chosen to learn is through Fear. It has been an “age” of fear. Fear building and informing cultures, tribes, tribalism, nations, governance, religions, spiritual practices, sexuality, family dynamics, and every aspect of life here in the Kaypacha. Fear has been the energetic frequency the vast majority of souls have been creating from. 


In order to truly enter the Taripaypacha (the Age of Reunion that comes after the Great Turning), as an awakening Sovereign Being, each one of us, comes to a place where we must “choose our Master.” We must choose our master, first in the initial awakenings and then over and over again this choice must be made. Choosing our master, is choosing our teacher, choosing how we as a Sovereign awakening empowered Soul will learn here on our Earth walk.


When we can consistently choose Love as our teacher and guide, through the highs of life and massive challenges that none of us can avoid, then as an individual soul, we enter into the energetics of the Taripaypacha. The dawning rays of the Taripaypacha are already here on planet in mass, although for many of us, myself included, we have not known that we are actually living in this energetic Way of being, which is called the “Way of Sovereignty” because it is entered choice by choice, little by little. Just as we approach the Apu step by step, prayer by prayer. Each step and breath is made with full consciousness, so we don’t stumble or fall. At any point we can return to the path of fear, there are no guarantees or magic tickets, only heartfelt dedication to Truth and Love. And yet this is just the beginning.


To begin to embody the Qoripacha (the Golden Age of Miracles) in this here and now, is a collective endeavour. Apu Ausangate was very adamant that the first steps for this are very much dependent on our energetic state and actions, and that the actual birthing of the Qoripacha is an interdependent cooperative endeavour on many levels of creation.


Our role is to first awaken to our individual sovereignty and from within this place of inner responsibility choose how we as a soul will learn and grow. Then when we gather in sacred circles where each person is authentically choosing Love as the Way. Where this path is one that is lived (in the most intimate and most public moments) not preached or intellectualized, then a potential exists that is uniquely ours as humanity to birth. 


In this type of sacred circle and reverent ceremonial space, where each person is already resonating within the frequencies of the Taripaypacha, a form of Grace can appear. From within this collective space, an energetic seed of light, possibility and new quantum potential, is dropped into the Creatrix that is Pachamama. Apu Ausangate was most adamant that the Apus, sacred waters, all the alive forces and benevolence within creation, are just waiting to catch these seeds. This symphony of life is just waiting to help nurture and nourish these seeds to grow. As we gather in sacred circles in this way, each place where these reverent rituals happen, a light seed will be planted. With each “Qori-Karpay” a vast new bandwidth of evolutionary and involutionary energies can become manifest through the Kaypacha. 


The Apus and Pachamama need our help to gather and call forth these precious seeds. This is where humans are absolutely needed and part of the larger evolutionary process.  Apu Ausangate along with the other planetary Apus are guiding this process, as well as helping to synchronistically align and connect those souls ready for this type of gathering. Many of these souls are being called to the Pachakuti Mesa tradition, and many souls need the help to remember their personal sovereignty. 


From this place of empowerment it is each being’s free will to “choose your master.” Apu Ausangate then communicated that this is Darcy and I’s path of service and larger assignment through our medicine work and ministry of Love. To meet each person with compassion and dignity where they are at on the arc of conscious creator-ship and sovereignty. To notice and nurture those who are living by and through Love. To support them in whatever ways we can to strengthen self love and self trust. To remember the soul-view and bigger picture, and trust the ripening of each individual on their path of Love in Truth. In this way we can honour all choices and meet each individual with non-judgment and discernment. To listen deeply and quiet our lives, and from this listening call forth gatherings of healing and remembrance, and to co-create as many opportunities as possible for these Qoripacha Seeds to be planted.  This has already been the foundation of our lives, to grow Love, live in Truth, and to serve the creation of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

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Our amazing group of ApuMystica Pilgrims 2020

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