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The way is already here,

it is beautiful,

and it lives within you.

this portal is here to serve as a

sacred sanctuary space

to support your embodiment of

the Way of Sovereignty.

We are here to resource and empower you

to remember 

you are Forever Free

and that

you are Sovereign.

Now is the time.


Welcome! Our names are Darcy & Robin


The first question we are asked is: "So.....What exactly do you mean by Sovereignty"? 


Our answer to this question is simple, powerfully psychoactive, and has the potential upon contemplation and embodiment to fractal throughout your consciousness, healing all levels of your Being. (BUT don't take our word for it! Embody it for yourself.) 

Sovereignty is remembering YOUR Power in Love and Truth.

There is a Medicine Wheel Teaching that we have been empowered to share from an elder of the Siksika Blackfeet feet nation. The teaching say's "For something to be True, it has to be true for everyone, everywhere, all of the time."  

When we speak about Truth, we are not speaking about "my" truth or "your" truth. We are pointing to the heart of reality, that unites each and every one of us in our shared and equal lived experience. Truth cannot be debated, it is not a belief or opinion. . Truth is the HEART of Reality. Love is the most powerful energy within all of creation. Love is the Master Teacher and the greatest medicine in existence. Love is ground of all being, our true essential nature. We come from love, we are sustained in Love, and return to Love. No matter how far we dive into separation consciousness, Love will always be there to help walk us back home. Love is the foundation of all Truth, and Truth can only be found through Love. 

For the Truth of Love and the Love of Truth, I AM.

Historically "sovereignty" has been defined as the "absolute power" (usually decreed by God/s) of the state or monarchy to govern the People. We, however, are following in the foot steps of some of the great visionaries of our time in recognizing that throughout the age of separation (some would call this patriarchy) the indwelling Divine "absolute power" of each individual woman and man has been projected outward. This "power" was given to monarchs, ruling classes, certain bloodlines, governments, and this once, consensual agreement, became an unquestioned law enforced through violence. This "power" was handed over to those who were exceptional or charismatic leaders; those who dominated through force; and those who understood how to manipulate other's emotions and beliefs to follow their "leaders" outer directives before own personal indwelling discernment and wisdom.


With the people's consent and through mass coercion, power structures were built spanning millennia and became the Empire. The Empire has had countless iterations all based on the same foundational violence of coercion, force, and deception. The women and men abdicated their personal discernment and free will to an outside authority. (We have a lot more to say about this in the Sovereignty Wisdom School Teachings available when you sign up to this portal.) While there can be many arguments on the merits of power structures and endless debates on political theory, what we are focused on in the Way of Sovereignty is awakening and healing from the pain, generational trauma, illness, and distorted imprints created from the illusions of separation. This can only happen when each individual makes a choice to learn and grow as a Soul from Love and let go of learning and growing through fear. This re-patterns the trauma/drama cycle. Each one of us has to make the empowered choice for our own self to stop being the victim to life, to our past, to our culture, or to anything in Creation. No matter how great our trauma, at some point we get tired of our own drama, and we get serious about healing for real.

Awakening to Sovereignty is realizing and embodying that it is you, and only you, who is the custodian of your Earth Walk and Soul Evolution. You, and only you, have the ability to consciously respond to everything in your experience, and in doing so begin to truly heal from the inside out. This is living in the "Truth of Love and the Love of Truth."


Love married to Truth = Sovereignty 

As we inquire into what "power" really is, Truth begins to wake us up. Your true Sovereign power stops being theoretical, and begins to be very very personal. The Power of the Universe lives continually in the NOW, in each word we speak, within all of our tiny actions, as the thoughts we give our attention to, the unquestioned beliefs that run our lives. Healing never takes place in the future, it always happens "NOW."


You walk the "The Way of Sovereignty" when in you choose the "Truth of Love and the Love of Truth." When you realize that you actually can respond to everything in your life. Every situation, every feeling, every thought, every relationship. This is going beyond any stories about not being good enough, having bad karma, being spiritual inferior, or any other limiting pattern. This is simply realizing that you can respond to everything you experience even if that experience is "unfair", "bad", or "wrong." Once we choose to become the true custodian of our life, we can truly begin to heal on every level and in every way. 


Living the Way of Sovereignty is the ultimate "red pill" because all of a sudden, we wake up, and realize that everything we do MATTERS.  

Once you are awake to your power,

life is never the same.

If you are even interested in the word "sovereignty" then you already are awakening from the illusions of separation and you are ready. This word is coded with the Divine frequencies for the Great Awakening. Your SOUL is calling you home. The Way of Sovereignty is the end of suffering and happens NOW. Pain is inevitable and will always pass, but suffering is optional. The Way is shrouded in mystery and layered in paradox. It's a spiral dance. We lose the Way, falling asleep into our old conditioning, only to wake up again. Reminding ourselves and each other over and over that "The Way is already here. It is beautiful and it lives within you (and me.)"


All that is required to walk the Way is 100% dedication applied imperfectly.

The Way of Sovereignty is formed by the two essential energies: LOVE & TRUTH. If either of these energies is missing, then you are not living in the Way. Truth without love can be cold, harsh, and disconnected. Love without truth can be overly sentimental, without boundaries, and easily co-opted. Sovereignty is the sacred marriage of these divine aspects of your Being. It is awakening fully to the power of your free will and aligning that free will to living for the love of Truth and the truth of Love. This aligns our indwelling free will with Divine Will. 

Breakthrough by breakthrough, Love and Truth wake up through you, dissolving your small stories of self. Eventually you know that Love and Truth are your essential nature.  But not just your nature, it's all of OUR nature- every sentient being. It is TRUE for everyone, everywhere, all of the time. There is no specialness in this because to be special one must be separate. Instead this is a unified experience of Inter-being. We are unique, distinct, and self-governing, while simultaneously recognizing that to be alive, is to be interdependent. In other words, we are all walking each other home.


Love and Truth are how divinity manifests within the many worlds of form. It is through embodying your Sovereignty that you embody your innate Divinity. Every act of the embodiment of Sovereignty reorganizes and reforms the quantum structure of reality, birthing new timelines and possibilities for you, and opens that creative potential to all beings. This is how whole planetary systems upgrade, for waking up to Sovereignty wakes us up to what we actually are.


This state of Love and Truth can only be found in the Now and within you. 

It is the Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus.

Birthing Heaven on Earth


What we are is so beautiful, so profound, so vast, so benevolent, so universal, beyond one time, beyond one world, and TRULY FOREVER FREE. We are here to birth heaven on Earth. To fully embody our Soul and to assist our Blessed Mother Earth in this evolutionary unfolding (more on this in our Sovereignty Wisdom Teachings.)


We incarnate into Earth-school to grow our souls. We grow our souls through experience- all experience. We grow from the greatest heights of love, pleasure, connection to the greatest depths of pain, isolation, and abandonment. One awakens to the Way of Sovereignty, when as a soul, we make a conscious choice to grow through Love.

To grow through true Love we must marry love to Truth. Truth married to Love allows us to cut through and dissolve the complex structures and quagmires of trauma created within illusions of separation. It's simple really- choosing love and truth every time. Once we commit to doing so, no matter the challenge, the heart break, the tragedy, the righteousness, EVERYTHING BEGINS TO CHANGE. 

Every act of true Sovereignty fractals through the great web of life, in resonant waves of Love and Truth, which always lift creation into higher order, beauty, and coherence. This is so essential to our planetary well being and to this time of the Great turning, where Sophia-Gaia, is undergoing a massive evolutionary leap that involves the chaotic unraveling of systems on all levels of life (including all human structures.) In any great change, entropy is always a potential. Do we make the quantum leap forward into higher order or do we devolve into ugliness and  breakdown of vital life systems? The coherent power of embodying Sovereignty is the greatest gift we can give to all of life at this time.

As this is vital for our own healing, and as we heal, we potentiate great change within the living energy systems of Sophia-Gaia. It is because of this, that each one of us who learns and lives the Way of Sovereignty has access to profound spiritual help. There is great and mighty help, resource, empowerment, support, and guidance available to you.


You are a Shining One

Each one of us are awakening to our mission as Shining Ones here to birth revolutionary and evolutionary light codes into this planetary Creatrix from our direct connection to the Divine. This mission requires us to learn how to receive infinite love, support, and medicine to empower our service. The Way of Sovereignty sanctuary space and mentorship portal is here to assist you in reclaiming your power and receiving the limitless spiritual resource.

We are healing this world from the inside out. In choosing to incarnate into this world, we have each taken on a huge amount of the collective and ancestral pain, trauma, illness, and programming created through illusions of the Age of Separation. We know that our healing is our awakening, and true awakening happens through a process of initiation. This initiation is a journey of being able to embody greater and greater volumes of radiant Love and Truth.

The marriage of Love and Truth is Sovereignty.

If you have found yourself here, then you are ready to reclaim your Sovereignty,

reconcile the pain and cost of disillusionment,

and remember that you are

Forever Free.


This awakening has been called by some “ascension” but we are here to remind you that the Way of Sovereignty is not about ascending up and out of your human self, you body and into the heavenly realms. This healing-awakening is a path of decent, in and down. An involutionary journey of embodying more and more the Holy Divine Love that you are, that is your Soul and heavenly nature into your body and into your unique human expression.

This is the Way of Sovereignty.


The WAY is not learned. There is nothing to learn here. This is a journey of remembrance, reconciliation, and reclamation. We are here as guides, way-showers, and revealers..... reminding you that you are the Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus

If you are reading these words, then you already know this.

This portal is here to RESOURCE AND EMPOWER You in THE FULL remembrance, reconciliation, and reclamation of your holy, divine Sovereignty.

The Way is already here. It is beautiful, and it lives with you.


With love and honour,

Robin & Darcy

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you."

-The Gospel of St. Thomas

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