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"Taking the time to connect with the sacred energetics of The Way of Sovereignty has allowed me to see what I love, why I love + how I love. These deepest transformations have begun to show me that connecting is understanding. Connecting + understanding is ultimately - love. I love Thursdays. A few Thursdays ago - I was camping under the stars, the night we focused in with Archangel Micheal, the next morning I felt as though I was encased in a warmest most nurturing amniotic sac. I could feel myself being held by an entire community of angelic hands. Thank you so much for passing along these transmissions." - Dan

"Being a part of The Way of Sovereignty has been immensely beneficial for me. It means so much to me to know that I’m being divinely supported by those on a similar path and the teams of unseen forces we are all working with. My spiritual evolution has really accelerated since joining....Thank you Robin and Darcy so much for this and all of your service, I’m deeply grateful. I’m honoured to be a part of such a beautiful collection of souls." -Ben 

"Thursday The Way of Sovereignty transmissions are incredibly potent and powerful. Honestly, there have been some nights where I feel I do not sleep at all but rather I’m being deeply cleansed and worked on right to my cellular core.  I am very grateful to be in this amazing healing container and continue to feel profound shifts in my ways of being in the world.
My senses have been heightened tremendously and I feel very connected to nature and my spirit allies. Also, my Claire-cognizant listening has heightened within my cranial sacral practice."-Eva

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