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The Way is already here. 

It is beautiful

and it lives within you. 

The Way of Sovereignty is a ceremonial healing space and sanctuary for the embodiment of

New Earth consciousness. This sanctuary space is designed to be accessible anytime anywhere. We are here to support, resource, and empower the truth of your Sovereign Divinity.

We offer one-on-one mentorship programs, shamanic distance energy healings, in-person ceremonial retreats, and "Sovereign Soul Empowerment" which is a guided co-practice community container on Thursday nights.


Our Thursday night  "Sovereign Soul Empowerment" is inspired by our ever-growing

global family of awakening hearts. This is a co-practice container and quantum healing space for ongoing spiritual energetic support for healing and awakening to your true essential nature, as well as focused support for the integration of

peak spiritual experiences, plant spirit medicine and entheogenic journeys.

Living the Way of Sovereignty is the ultimate "red pill" because all of a sudden, we wake up, and realize that everything we do MATTERS. 

Once you are awake to your power,

life is never the same.

Every act of Sovereignty fractals through the great web of life, in resonant waves of Love and Truth, which always lift creation into higher order, beauty, and coherence. This is so essential to our planetary well being at this time of the Great turning. Sophia-Gaia, is undergoing a massive evolutionary leap that involves the chaotic restructuring of systems on all levels of life

(including all human structures.)


In any great change, entropy is always a potential.

Do we make the quantum leap forward into higher order or

do we devolve into ugliness and breakdown of our vital life systems?

The coherent power of embodying Sovereignty is the greatest gift we can give to all of life at this time.

This is vital for our own healing, and as we heal,

we potentiate great change within the living energy systems of Sophia-Gaia.

It is because of this, that each one of us who learns and lives the Way of Sovereignty has access to

profound benevolent & spiritual assistance.

Tanin shares his experience of Sovereign Soul Empowerment

By subscribing to

"Sovereign Soul Empowerment" you will join a

focused co-practice container of

evolutionary energy medicine

  and each week receive: 

  • A guided journey to access the Temple of Sovereignty

  • Sovereign Soul Fire Karpay (energetic blessings)

  • Shamanic Wisdom Teachings & weekly updates from Robin & Darcy

  • Energy activations for attuning to the New Earth frequencies

  • Support for your grounded stability and connection to your Sovereignty

  • A safe container to explore your unique Medicine gifts, sacred path of service, and life on all levels.

  • Healing energy for greater well being, vitality, clarity of mind and open heart.

  • Clear and release trapped emotions, inference patterns, limiting programs, painful conditioning, and viral thought forms that impede your remembrance of your Divine Holy Sovereignty.

  • Light code blessings for your home, sacred path or service, and prosperity

  • Ongoing guided light code journeys and supportive practices

  • Community connection through a private Telegram Group

  • First priority to Darcy's monthly personal and in-depth Shamanic Energy Healing program (ideal for those with big challenges &/or big goals.)

Keep reading to learn more....


"Sovereign Soul Empowerment" is a co-practice container and quantum healing space for increased energetic spiritual support and the integration of peak spiritual experiences, plant spirit medicine and entheogenic journeys, and awakening to multi-dimensional realities.


Every Thursday night we will be igniting this quantum energy and healing sacred space the "Sanctuary of Sovereignty." This offering is a marriage of our shamanic ceremonial Mesa practice with leading edge and new science healing modalities (including Reconnective healing, Theta healing, Reiki, heart coherency practices, Power of 8 group intention, and distance quantum energy healing .)  Through this marriage of ancient shamanic ceremonial arts, earth honouring wisdom and quantum energy healing, every Thursday night you will receive a powerful light code attunement to up-level, empower, and resource your path of Love & Truth.



  This energetic blessing is known in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition as

"Karpay" which means

"light/wisdom/power transmission in seed form".

Every week you will be "seeded" with evolutionary beauty, heart waves of coherence, and light codes to help raise and flower your path of service and Sovereignty. 

By signing up you have the to opportunity to engage in this community quantum coherence practice and receive guided mentorship in your reclamation of your power, integration of your spirit, and practical approach to shamanic awakening (it's a wild multidimensional world!)

Be ready for:

  • Direct revelation and empowerment from the Sanctuary of Sovereignty 

  • Quantum energy healing and potent blessings each Thursday night 6-7:30pm (PST)

  • Light code activations and shamanic journeys to up-level your ceremonial work and spiritual integration

  • Practices and teachings to accelerate your healing, leadership, and sacred service to All life.

Why "The Way of SovereigntyThursday night integration,

co-practice and energy healing sanctuary space is by donation?


We honour your relationship to how you give and receive, how you wish to value this service, and your relationship to sacred reciprocity or Ayni.  "Ayni" is a Quechua term from the traditions of the South American Andes that means Sacred Reciprocity.  This ancient spiritual principle is found through out all earth honouring and mystical traditions. This is the understanding that "nothing goes one way",  "today for you, tomorrow for me", "Pay it forward", "what you sow is what you reap". 


In the cosmology of the Andes, the principle of Ayni is the foundation of how the universe continually moves energy, giving and receiving,

bringing greater levels of harmony, balance and coherence.  

As students of Andean Wisdom, Ayni has become a foundational lens by which we can see how to live in greater harmony and be instruments of greater healing. Conscious Ayni creates a fluid dynamic cycle of connectivity and honours interdependence (both which are essential to personal and social wellbeing.) 

Practicing conscious Ayni awakens a gentle, beautiful, and harmonious relationship to all of Life.

Ayni is a perceptual tool to help us understand how to live in greater coherence with nature, our beloveds, and the spiritual forces of our multidimensional reality.   

How Sovereignty Empowerment Works:

 Subscribe ~ Activate ~ Empower


Sovereignty Empowerment is a weekly quantum energy healing and co-practice container to resource your

healing and awakening the New Earth Consciousness Within us.

The Way of Sovereignty energetic empowerments are offered every Thursday from 6-7:30 (PST.) ​ Your subscription is your Sovereign consent to receive the radical healing and energetic support of the Way of Sovereignty. (Remember that upon incarnating into a world of form there is a universal non-interference clause.  Your angels, guides, guardians, and direct connection to the divine love of Source cannot help you until you ask! It's a free will universe baby. Consent is EVERYTHING.)

As shamanic and quantum energy medicine practitioners we have received Divine sanction to offer this service, we only offer our services with your express consent. Upon your enrolment in this resource and empowerment service we make a sacred commitment to only ever offer healing and blessings energies that are in alignment with the greatest expression of you prospering in all ways. As you enter the Sanctuary of Sovereignty all blessings and benefits will be directly received by your higher self/oversoul, and through this direct connection, transmitted into your human consciousness. 

Every Thursday from 6-7:30pm PST we have a community quantum empowerment space where we attune and link up with the Sanctuary of Sovereignty for focused quantum healing energy, higher self activations, and energetic light attunement that we call "empowerments." 

​The monthly donation is a way to engage in the Law of Ayni (sacred reciprocity) and in doing so to step into the great river of universal energies that flow in alignment to this Law. You choose the amount that is in harmonic resonance with your heart. The donation button will guide you through this process.

After subscribing, you will receive access to a prayer and activation sequence designed by our Guidance councils to align the Holy Spirit of your Higher Self and human self to be fully activated to the powerful currents of alchemical healing energies being channeled and transmitted to you.  Your oversoul is the interface for the powerful evolutionary and involutionary energies channeled by and through the Way of Sovereignty. Your job is to show up for your self and create the time to attune.


​The Way of Sovereignty light codes then interface with the supreme wisdom and omniscience of your oversoul/higher self, which directs these blessings into the biophotonic light of your living energy field and the four levels of your being (physical, emotional, mental, and causal/spiritual). The infinite grace of your Soul, guides these healing and ascension light codes in a way that is generous, kind, and perfect for you in every way. 


Through the potency of our extensive cross cultural shamanic training, evolutionary energy medicine, and the sheer loving devotion of our hearts these evolutionary healing energies will be offered to: 

  • Radically support your healing with grace and ease; 

  • The prospering of your unique Medicine gifts, sacred path of service, and life on all levels;

  • To assist in your embodiment of the boundless Love of your true essential self;

  • Offer interventions to clear inferring energies, programs, conditioning, and viral thought forms that impede your remembrance of your Divine Holy Sovereignty; 

  • Blessings for your family, pets, home, office, vehicles, and sacred path of service.


We will also be offering weekly energy updates, community connection through our Telegram group, and light code practices. In these updates we will offer insights into foundational principles and practice of divinely sanctioned ritual, remembrance, and renewal through the sacred arts of cross cultural shamanism and energy medicine. This will include teachings and practices to resource and empower you to bring forth the boundless beauty of your true essential nature as a sovereign Creatrix/Creator and help you to flower Sovereign Soul Fire in your life. 

As long as you subscribe you give your consent to receive the blessings of the Way of Sovereignty.

Pretty epic!

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"My most adored and divinely esteemed luminous beauty walkers…this profoundly Love-sourced and spirit infused visionary medicine gift you’ve been led to birth in service of our human re-Membering as Shining Ones has my heart singing ecstatic songs of gratitude for your multidimensional healing presence upon beloved Gaia-Pachamama. It is beyond evident countless moons of unified visionary alignment with the wisdom guidance offered by our Light-seeding Star Nations inspired your sublimely co-creative birthing of The Way of Sovereignty…may your shamanic luminosity shine brighter than ever and attract all manner of spiritual and material abundance into your lives—haylli!" 

 With infinite love, don Oscar Miro-Quesada

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